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About Inferno

Canoe Cove Studio is an Island-based glass studio that has developed an award-winning product line since entering the craft industry in 1992. Christopher Jette founded the company and has expanded it to include a successful contemporary fused glass product line called INFERNO.

Canoe Cove Studio now serves national and international wholesale, retail giftware and art markets. Canoe Cove Studio has marketing representatives in the New England and New York City marketplaces.

Christopher Jette, founding partner, is the company’s primary product designer. He is also a registered architect and owner of architecture 360 inc. and currently practices architecture on Prince Edward Island. Harrington House at Rice Point is one example of his work.

Shelley Beckett, partner, has extensive marketing and sales experience gained across Canada and the UK. Shelley manages Canoe Cove Studio sales, production, product design and development.

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Canoe Cove Studio has been promoted by many prominent companies in store, museum and gallery shops, magazines, catalogs and a Walt Disney feature film starring Demi Moore:
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